The 40th Annual Pledge Day

Since 1977 CKNW Orphans’ Fund has raised millions of dollars at our Annual Pledge Day Radio-Thon. On November 29th we celebrate 40 years of Pledge Day live with CKNW News Talk 980 at the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver to encourage philanthropy and the importance of community giving. This year we raised over $1.3 million thanks to donations from our loyal CKNW audience, a very generous public, as well as an entire day’s worth of hard work by our staffs and volunteers.

We would also like to thank our generous community partners and corporate sponsors for helping to make Pledge Day so successful this year.

Please feel free to scroll through some of the photos from this year’s 40th Annual Pledge Day!

“It is a privilege for me to be involved with an organization with such heart. For over 70 years, the CKNW Orphans’ Fund has had the opportunity to brighten children’s lives in BC and we are thrilled about the support that British Columbians provided on Pledge Day. The donations give us the ability to assist some of our most vulnerable children.” – Chairman-of-the-Board, The Honourable Wally Oppal, Q.C